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A.T.A. – Acoustic Tarab Alchemy

Italy / Tunisia

February 23, 2018

Acoustic Tarab Alchemy

Odradek Records

A.T.A. – Acoustic Tarab Alchemy

01. Mosefer
02. Tatira

A.T.A. is a meeting of sounds and people.

Taking the Sufi mysticism of Houcine Ataa’s songs as a starting point and adding the contribution of our harmonies, our respective instruments and our different musical experiences, we went through a progressive transmutation of languages into a single new musical expression.

So in looking for the right title for our project we only had to dwell on the sounds and words that from time to time met and merged, to understand that what was coming out of this fusion was a new, unexpected result, an alchemy which we witnessed with incredulity and amusement.

The notes of a jazz piano create the path through which time freezing verses and words resound; the double bass converses with and relies on rhythms and timbres from the Arab musical world, thus giving life to an acoustic experience that defies description, almost close to Tarab, granting ecstasy.

In February 23rd 2018 their first album was released worldwide by Odradek Records.