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Federico Marchesano / Fabio Giachino “Mizu”


September 30, 2022

Federico Marchesano / Fabio Giachino "Mizu"

Felmay Recrods

Federico Marchesano / Fabio Giachino “Mizu”

Federico Marchesano – doublebass
Fabio Giachino – piano
The MARCHESANO / GIACHINO Duo, was born with the idea of building an original repertoire of entirely written music, making the most of the tonal possibilities of the two instruments available: double bass and piano. After initial rehearsals with very intricate parts, the musicians needed to leave more space to jazz improvisation, a common background, smoothing out the initial structural rigidity. The sound became more fluid and it was an almost natural consequence to think of water (in Japanese Mizu) as the main theme of the entire album.
Although they both love to explore the possibilities offered by electronics applied to their instrument, for this recording the two artists decided on a strictly acoustic approach. Stylistically, no limits have been set, alternating wide melodies played with the bowed double bass with more jazzy parts, a music in which the passions of both naturally converge.