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Les Mécanos


May 7, 2021

Les Mécanos

Les Mécanos

In suitable mechanics’ working attire, ten singers, armed with an arsenal of percussion from drums to spanners, exhaust pipe silencers and assorted scrap metals, propel their voices through cascading harmonic arrangements of a selection of French and Occitan regional repertoires from the polyphonic singing traditions; songs of work, struggle, love laments, political and religious satires, songs for dancing and drinking.
The ten friends declared their intent to form an ensemble in 2017, with a raison d’être of sharing their knowledge and love of the polyphonic traditions with the most diverse audiences, which has now seen them performing at rock festivals, museums, small municipal halls, churches, nursing homes, schools and prisons.

Rémi Bacher  (vocals, sagattes)

Gaël Bernaud (vocals, floor tom, bass drum)

Martin Bub  (vocals, wheel rims, spanners)

Antoine Chillet (vocals, container, sagattes)

Sylvère Decot  (vocals, spanners, container)

Jonathan Duraj  (vocals, floor tom, bass drum)

Benoit Feugère (vocals, spanners, floor tom)

Jérémie Plasson (vocals, pipe, wheel rims)

Simon Pourrat  (vocals, exhaust pipes, guiro)

Guillaume Sbaïz (vocals, container, exhaust pipes)