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Los Pachamama


March 17, 2017

Los Pachamama


Los Pachamama


Since its beginning in 1987, the musical work development of “Los Pachamama” has been aesthetic, unique, innovative, and experimental as well as beautifully conceived, and over the years it has turned into an artistic proposal that synthesizes the dreams and aspirations of several generations with fine sensitivity.

The musical genealogy of “Los Pachamama” goes back to the ancient roots of Latin American folklore; their harmonious and sound creations are born from that inexhaustible source. Time and contact with the contemporary world have opened new musical horizons to the band, so its scenic proposal today reveals a wide range of sounds, textures, rhythms, melodies and harmonic polyphonies that make possible this unique combination, very difficult to separate.

The singing of Los Pachamama has a social sense which is related to the emerging issues of Mexico, Latin America and the world, its performances and compositions talk about life, love, justice and the preservation of cultural sources. Los Pachamama is a band that experiments and blends their Latin roots with elements of jazz, Afro-Caribbean music, and traditional Mexican music such as “son jarocho”, and that manages to develop melodies rich in sound forms with simple instrumentation.

The band have performed in Canada, Belize, St. Lucia, St. Kits & Nevis, National Geographic Spain, France, Cuba, Paraguay, Chile and Italy; In addition to the important cultural festivals of Mexico. Los Pachamama band have shown new trails to explore for traditional music with their creative and interpretative power. The blend of the ancestral with the new, the experimental, and the unpredictable, has given to the band the success and acknowledgement from their fans and followers until today.

In 2017 their latest cd Tonada Infinita was selected to enter the list of votes for the Latin Grammy nomination in the folk category.