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La Chica

Venezuela / France

January 29, 2021

La Chica

Zamora Label

La Chica

One side of the ocean is Latin America, intense and mystical land. On the other side, there is Paris, Belleville, multicultural, urban and modern land.
Through her music, La Chica reunites those two worlds by proposing a collage of sound textures, borrowed from her cultural heritage and various modern influences, by breaking the established codes.
It’s around the piano and keyboards that her universe got built, skillfully mixing her classical inspirations (such as her love for Debussy) with the depth of aerial layers of analog synth.
Unhidden, the french-venezuelian conveys raw emotions, between abstract thoughts and poetical introspection.

« There is sacred in La Chica’s voice.
Her incantation frees us from gravity, her body undulates, carrying ours by mimicry.
A dance of sounds, words, cries, idioms, fingers. From her keyboard, just like a shaman, she drives and leads our transe. One must see her prepare before releasing a sound, her back straight, her shoulders spread, her head leaning upwards, her chin placed on her chest, her eyes half shut, and suddenly the vibration gushes, serene, magical, calming.
In turns warrior woman or poet, her voice enfolds, bewitches, caresses, gathers forces which sometimes are opposite in a dynamic narrative.
Hip-hop, Afro-carribean, doo-wap, Debussy, she has assembled them all in her voice and her piano technique, in addition to the sampler’s work. In sequences, she plays features that seem borrowed to Horowitz on a cumbia rhythm.
La Chica alone with her voice and her piano, an experience … » André Manoukian


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