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Las Lloronas


October 6, 2023

Las Lloronas


Las Lloronas

When world music meets Slam Poetry


After touring across Europe, the Brussels-based trio returns to the Belgian capital with their luggage full of songs. Their writing has matured – it is poetic, sharp but always to the point, taking a firm stance in a constantly changing society. The vocal harmonies for which they are renowned are still very present, inviting us to drop our guard, to let our tears roll – tears of joy, of sorrow, or inexplicable relief. Las Lloronas once again transport us into a world where we can be our quirky, vulnerable and plural selves.


Sura Solomon (BE/USA), Amber in ‘t Veld (ES/NL) and Marieke Werner (DE) started out as street-musicians, united around their passion for sociology, activism and art. Their debut album « Soaked », driven by their intimate, multilingual feminist poetry, touched thousands of listeners. Now they’re back with « Out of the Blue », a second album that’s stronger, more daring and extremely moving.


Las Lloronas’ performance is often described as highly original, yet their music also has a timeless quality: it goes under your skin, it is emotionally raw and ravishing, something to be found in many folk traditions, such as Klezmer, Flamenco or Blues. Still accompanied by guitar, ukulele, accordion and clarinet, they create a unique musical universe far from genre codes. Inspired by musicians such as Lhasa de Sela, Akua Naru, Giora Feidman, Chavela Vargas and Rodrigo Amarante, they create a delicious polyphonic symbiosis that can only be described as « Las Lloronas ».


OUT OF THE BLUE (Muzieqpublique) is a passionate, subtle and simple, liquid and musical voyage. A combination of seemingly random sounds and words that create a vibrant sense of being alive, just for a moment, with its lightness & drama, its pleasures & pains, with its soft, ridiculous and confronting twists. Let the ride be fleshy & alive, enjoy! »



Amber in ‘t Veld – vocals, guitar

Sura Solomon – vocals, accordion, ukulele

Marieke Werner – clarinet, vocals