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April 17, 2021



01. Tema 3
02. Tema 2

A powerful musical chemistry has sprung between Custódio Castelo (Portuguese guitar), Ianina Khmelik (violin) and Carlos Menezes (double bass).

Over the years, a sound complicity has been built by them in various creative and performative settings. To overcome fear, leave the comfort zone and face the unknown has always been the choice made by this trio. Therefore, they have dared to engage in an immense lab of mirrors, involving studios, symphony orchestras, big festivals, and international tours.

Openness and trust have led them to accept an invitation in 2019 to perform in a private event that took place at one of the most famous Port Wine properties, in the valley of the Douro river.

The short, intimate, and immaculately acoustic concert, was carried out in the vineyards, bathed by the golden light of a Summer late afternoon. That brief performance has generated a chain reaction of emotions which offered us an invitation to celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of a renowned Port Wine.
Once again embracing risk and taking the best advantage of a heritage site that gathered exceptional means for the creation of something Unique, we have recorded the tracks of this work at the old cellars, among the century-old wine casks. This genuine immersion in a new world allowed us to reflect upon the enigmatic and singular paths of creation. We have found a vibrant connection between musical composition and wine creation. Both are unrepeatable.

We began designing a new concept and a different presentation. Music and wine had to be put together allowing each art its own worth and different perceptions of the concert, arousing an emotional escalation, made possible by a fine and imperceptible thread which would ultimately involve both the public and the artists.

That is why this presentation is wordless and divides itself in three movements. At the end of each one there is a pause for a glass of wine. Each movement offers a different musical reception, and each glass of wine enables a celebration. In such created atmosphere, the attendants are welcome to take part in a special ceremony aimed at sharing a unique and unforgettable experience.

These are just a few drops of what is yet to come.

in cooperation with Carlos Bartilotti Management